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**What I resently sent to Ryans Steakhoyse HQ** We used to love Ryans, we would make sure we went there at least once a week the salad bar was always clean and neat fresh food was always out and the food was a good quality. We ran into some difficulties and we had not been to Ryan's for over a year.

We were absolutely shocked and so very disappointed yes everything appeared to be still clean and tidy however it was obvious the corners had been cut on food to save money but yet you still charged the same amount for example no more roast beef or pork chops of course my favorite and your seafood salad you now have added macaroni noodles to Save on the seafood meat! That is just ridiculous I have never seen such a thing you no longer carry club crackers your ranch dressing was one of our favorites it is now so watered-down that it didn't even stick to the lettuce and it tasted more like water did not have a ranch taste the soup was watered down did not have much taste then to top it all off my daughter-in-law was not feeling well so we told her we would bring her food we bought a carry out order and was given one normal size container and was charged the same amount now you're telling me that I can fit a salad, full entree and dessert into this to-go box? I was outraged there is no way that we could have fit even half the food my husband or I ate in that box. Yeah I know everybody wants to save money but you are hurting your reputation and we will not be back you are now an expensive restaurant with not the greatest quality food and the carryout system is completely unfair and wrong and is taking advantage of the people who keep you open.

The examples I gave you was of course only the things that I eat I really have no idea what you have done to other items but I'm sure there are plenty more.

I am a promoter of businesses that treat us right and are fair and I also let people know when a business isn't doing the public a good fair service and will most definitely share our experience to as many people that will listen on social media. (Main street Summerville SC 11-4-2017)

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryans Buffet Salad Bar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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