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We travel a lot, so we eat out a lot. The Ryan's in Denham Springs, La.

is filthy! We went last night and just looking around made me leery, in fact I didn't eat very much. But I went for dessert and found a roach stuck in the frosting of the cake! I pushed it away and wasn't going to go back up but my sweet tooth was driving me crazy so I decided to try again.

I got something different but before I would take a *** I plowed my fork through it and I found another bug! Killed my appetite!

I asked to speak to a manager and we waited 20 minutes and one never came out! Just getting the word out....beware!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryans Buffet Manager.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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some of you are ***. people have the right to complain on a site meant for complaining without being accused of wanting a free meal.

maybe they weren't smart in going up a second time...yeah.

every time someone posts a review, you all start making accusations instead of either shutting up about it or writing something constructive. jerks.


Call the health department and get that sick place shut down!


It's Ryan's! Raise your standards.


You pick food off the floor what do you expect?


Roaches are yummy!

to Anonymous #1317590

Best roasted w/creo sauce lol.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #745013

In more detail, I was with a large group, didn't want to start a freaking riot, which is what would've happened w/my friends! ;) I was craving something sweet, wrote the 1st incident off as my bad luck, debated on trying again and finally decided to go for it.

MY BAD!!! Asked for a mgr., waited, never came out.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #929384

So explain again how you had the bad luck to find a roach in your food not once but twice? The real reason you did not want to start a riot was because your friends will tell the truth that you are just looking for a free meal.


Just one question......why did you go back up and get MORE dessert after seeing a roach in your cake the first time??! That's crazy. I would've got my money back and left.

to Anonymous #873829

Most likely they were trying to get a free meal, people will do anything for a free meal, even bring their roaches from home and claim it was found in the food. Funny out of her large group of friend she was the only one to "find" a bug in her food not once or twice, she probably did not want to put her friends in a spot and have them decide whether to rat her out or allow her to scam for free food.

to Anonymous #910039

She must've thought that the other dessert came from a different kitchen. What she needs to do is have a dentist yank out that sweet tooth. I'm curious if she's fat to ignore roaches just to eat cake.

to Nasty #1093970

Riiiiggght? OMG!

My sweet tooth couldn't BEAT ME into submission to go back for sweets after finding a roach in my meal. GROSS!

How desperately piggish must one be to be tempted by roach-infested food? BLECH!!!

I love to eat tasty treats on occasion, too, believe me, but there is a difference between a healthy relationship with food/exercise and wanting sweets so badly that you'll overlook roaches.

It's time to pull that sweet-tooth!

to Nasty #1317589

The roaches didn't eat much, I'm sure there was plenty of cake there. LOL.

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