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Tack found inside mashed potatoes after new batch just being sat in place from staff(I was the unfortunate customer to take 1st scoop). noticed tip of object shining after placed on plate(was not visible until scooped onto plate)...thought it was a contact that accidently dropped inside but while standing at buffet I took it out & pulled out a push tack...took plate immediately to 1st employee I saw, which happened to be the cashier...I asked to speak to the manager immediately please...she said ok then asked why..I simply showed her the large tack on my plate & she went quickly to the manager (Melissa). I took the plate back to my table to sit with my Mother & 1 year old Daughter....our kind waitress came back to our table and asked if everything was alright because she noticed me taking photos of my plate with my camera phone...I said "we have a problem,"she was shocked also and stated to me & my mother "there's no way that wasn't purposely placed in it because there is no board or anything close to the food for it to accidently drop in." shortly after Manager Melissa came out from her office asking how she may help me...I showed the plate once again & stated "this is a BIG problem." We were given a full refund of our 2 meals & asked if there was anything else she may do for us....I told her "not right now we just want to leave (we were still hungry)." My Dtr developed diarrhea for 2wks leaving her w/scars!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryans Buffet Manager.

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It is a shame technology is being used to scam, most likely you placed the tack there yourself then took the picture with your cell phone. Anything to get a free meal, why not get a job so you don't have to result to this scamming. Stop having kids if you have to scam restaurants for free food just to make ends meet.

to Anonymous Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #825739

I agree the worse is she is purposely making her daughter sick and blaming them, someone needs to call social services whatever it is called in the USA and have that child taken from her before her greed kills the poor child. We had a case in Australia where a mother purposely poisoned her child prior going to a restaurant, the child ended up in hospital and the mother charged and the child was sent to live with relatives.


You ought to ease up off the carbs and stick with the salad bar next time. I never heard of getting scars from a salad bar, so the salad bar should be a safe bet for you and your daughter. Next time leave the *** tacks at home!


So of course, since you left still hungry, no one ate other food. Noooooo.

Your story makes Ryan's look good, and *you* look ***.

to *** is as *** does Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #825740

Funny how no one ate the food and the daughter got sick, I am guessing she purposely made her daughter eat something that would make her sick to get free food. That child needs to be taken from her.


Wow...never heard of diahrrea causing scars, maybe she ate one of the tacks?

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