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A friend & I went to dinner at your Hopkinsville store. We paid full price for the meal for extra food on the buffet that by the time we got there it was all gone. All they had on the line was the regular stuff. I was told they had prime rib& ham. Plus a lot of the food was not very warm. I feel that I should have been able to get my senior discount plus only pay the regular price Instead of more & getting less.Plus the quality of your food was very poor.I feel that I should get a refund on ticket # 0267. I will tell my friends that they should go somewhere else to have buffet dinner.Like golden corral there food is much much better quality than yours. So from 4/20/2014/ I will stop going to Ryans for dinner

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Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #807195

Where do get saying that I have no right asking for a refund because they didn't put out what they advertised. So why don't you keep your *** English comments to your self you dork

London, England, United Kingdom #807187

You posted this twice. Your friend, ticket # 0266 also believes he/she is entitled to free food.

As I previously suggested, next year consider a local soup kitchen or rescue mission type place. They service a free Easter dinner to people who can't or won't pay for their meals, no questions asked. And by all means, consider going to Golden Corral next year.

Your crony stated in his letter that he paid $12.49 for the buffet. Newsflash: Golden Corral's Senior price on the buffet today was $13.49!

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